Prusia I3 Mk2 not reciving extruder temp command

Using the 3DPrinterOS Raspberry Pi edition when I go to print my sliced jobs on my Prusa i3 MK2, 3DPrinter OS sets the heat bed to the correct 110 but fails to send the 230 for the extruder per my ABS profile. Instead, it sets the temperature to 0 for the extruder.

PrintOS Version: 5.9.18
Raspberry Pi 2

Prusia I3 Mk2s (non-MM)
FW: 3.0.12

Print Job: 255165

As I can see you have correct temperature setting in gcode from your job
M140 S110
M190 S110
M109 T0 S230
Is it possible that your printer has other then M109 or M104 gcode for extruder temperature setting? Is it working properly using some other slicer? If yes, can you share start gcodes from correctly working gcode file?

It works fine in slicers from Slic3r, IdeaMaker, and Cura. Have tested the former slicer output being controlled from protoprint, OctoPi, and directly from the printer via SD.

Here is an example gcode from Slic3r with the more generic ABS temps (not as fine tuned as I tried to use your product, so the values are slightly different).

Just confirmed, output the gcode from the SLT to the printer directly and same issue. Its not the cloudos on the pi or something else. Looks like it is the compiled code not working with the firmware.

Hello. So is it problem with gcode that 3DPrinterOS Cloud slicer produces? As I understand everything working fine if you slice file using Slic3r, IdeaMaker or Cura?
As I can see from gcode you have sent printer does not uses some special gcode for extruder heating.

Lines from your gcode
M104 S255 ; set extruder temp
M140 S100 ; set bed temp
M190 S100 ; wait for bed temp
M109 S255 ; wait for extruder temp

Lines from gcode from Cloud Slicer:
M140 S110
M190 S110
M109 T0 S230

I will add a new slicing profile with same starting gcodes like in your file. One more thing that I can see is that there are no G0 gcodes in your file. Maybe your printer doesn’t support them, or just slicer you used doesn’t working with them.

I have added “Draft - MK2s” profile for printer “Prusa i3 MK2 - Experimental” with some updates in start gcodes. Please let us know how it works. You need to reslice stl model using new slicing profile.

It’s now heating the extruder, but it looks like a lot of gcodes for at the start of, and end of, a print is missing. I don’t think I can use this product until it gets more robust in support of the Prusia I3 Mk2 line. It’s a bit more experimental than my tastes.
It looks like it isn’t doing mesh bed level (can trigger through G28 Home), priming the extruder (the test strip it normally does outside the print area to make sure the extruded plastic is flowing nicely and stabilize the heated plastic in the chamber), and a few other things that it should be done for optimal prints.
Also, the Pi Camera isn’t working despite being enabled in the terminal and selected, odd.

Will check in another 3 to 6 months to see if support has improved. Thanks for the assistance.

Hello. We can update cloud slicer default profile start gcodes to be the same like in gcode file you have sent. In any case you can adjust that setting by yourself without problems too (using expert tab in cloud slicer). Let us know if we need to update profile’s start gcodes