Prusa i3 Issues

Right now the Prusa i3 is not being recognized by our cloud. We will close this discussion and update everyone when this is resolved. Thanks to Tim and Benji for pointing this out.

**NOTE: This issue has only been reported with users connecting via Raspberry Pi. If you have a Prusa i3 and can connect via Windows or Mac let us know what happens! **

I have a Prusa i3, it wasn’t recognized through the Mac OSX application. However, the beta pi (Wifi) install recognized it and things seem to work fine through the pi (B original)

Very strange.
What version client you use on Mac?

the newest version i presume. i downloaded and installed it 2 days ago.

I don’t plan to run 3DPrinterOS from my Macbook, but i thought i should report the odd behavior.

Hi Ross,

I think we have figured it out. Try this quick work around and you should be up and running with you mac. MAC - 3DPrinterOS Application Isn't Working