Printrbot Simple Metal with extended bed

I have a customized Printrbot Simple Metal and the X is extended four inches. I haven’t been using the cloud slicer but slic3r. Slic3r is all setup and working on the Printrbot but when I upload the .gcode file as it prints cuts it off at the 6in mark. It also does this when probing the bed. Could 3DPrinterOS be setting limitations? Any ideas? Thank You.

Yes, the best way is to create your own slicer settings on My Files -> My Slicer Profiles
Particularly you need to change start gcodes. You can copy paste them from a CURA profile.
Another thing which can affect STL editor in 3DPrinterOS Cloud - size of the bed, it is set for the standard one. What we can do - is to add extended version of PrinterBot as a separate printer profile. To do this, we need a printer information form filled in from your side, so we know the exact size, etc. Here is the form:

I filled out the form and just let me know of the next steps.

It’s been awhile. Has there been any progress to the situation?

I did the the printrbot simple metal with extended bed in the printer selection menus and thought I would give it a try. When I switched my printer over from regular bed to the extended bed it gives me error code 129. And it connects and disconnects every few seconds. Thank you for the help.