Printrbot Simple Metal Not being detected

I have my Prusa MK2 setup and that’s working fine, I have another Pi connected the same way to my Printrbot Simple Metal and it will not detect it at al.

I have plugged in laptops (windows/linux/Mac) they all see it fine, and Octoprint.

Is there some command line stuff I can do to see what the issue is?


I’m having the same problem with a printrbot simple metal where I just upgraded the board from F5 to F6. 3DPrinterOS on pi was detecting the old F5 board just fine. Which board do you have on your printrbot?

Could you send us the PID/VID, so we can take a look at it?

Thanks for the follow-up!

Here’s the info on the F6 Printrbot board:

Any update on this? I moved back to the F5 board until the issue is resolved. But I can’t easily run the extruder fan separately with F5, so I’d really like to move up to the F6.

We’ve added the VID&PID for the Printrbot. Please test and let us know how it works.