Printer select box grayed out

Printer select box grayed out, can’t selected my printer. It shows the printer but can’t select it.
How do I fix this issue?

Are you referring to the screen after you press Print?
You might’ve sliced for the wrong 3D printer. Please provide a screenshot.

Here is the screen:

here is the screen you asked for

Could you please go through the exact workflow of what you’re trying to do?

This happened to me. I managed to resolve it.

My issue was, once I switched to power usb hub the comport the printer was on changed and 3dprinteros became disassociated from the profile I’ve had setup. This also caused the slicing profile to become disconnected from the new printer. which caused the issue you see here. No slicing profile = no printers to select.

Hey, I can see you have sliced the file for Virtual printer, and your printer is of different type. Please re-slice and double check that your slicing settings are correct - printer type.