Print Job Crashes Browser

We have had two different jobs crash browsers when attempting to Preview prior to submitting to print.

Same crash whether Chrome or Firefox.

Attempted on both MakerBot Replicator+ and MakerBot Z18.

About to send logs from client.

Any ideas?

What is the File ID?
Sending the logs for the client is for issues with the 3D printers.
When we know the File ID then we can try to replicate the issue and look into it.

File ID’s - 3523676, 3525501, 3492735 – 3525501 is a recreated GCO file because I deleted the original file but it has the same issue.

Another one

ID #3589792

Hello. We are investigating an issue. It is not a bug as everything were created as expected. The problem takes place because there are too many 3d objects (polygons) are trying to be shown in a browser. We are looking for solution how we can try to reduce count of polygons, but it is not a fast process. I think we will provide partial solution on next week. But to make it best we will need more time.