Option missing to choose extruder with Flashforge Dreamer/Powerspec Ultra

I hope I am missing something as I am new to this, but I am not able to choose the correct extruder when slicing, and it is defaulting to the first extruder every time even though I am selecting it layout and choosing the matching profile for the filament when slicing.

Thank you!

Cloud Slicer not supports dual extrusion models, and Slicer 3 currently have no profile for FF Dreamer (we are planning to add them). So the only solution for now is to upload externally sliced files (using default software for FF or Cura Slicer, or any else that supports dual extrusion for FF Dreamer) to cloud and printer them from there.

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My name is Andrew, I am Product Owner at 3DPrinterOS. We can add a new dual extrusion profile for Slicer 3, which will allow you to select the extruder.
Would you consider switching to a paid license for it?


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for checking in. I personally think basic functionality like that should be included, as it is implied in a lot of the program already. I would say that printing different parts of the file with multiple colors could be more of a paid feature.

Keep up the good work, the program is fantastic.