Offline Printer Behavior

I am having some recent network hiccups. I have a U3 connecting to the cloud service directly. The printer is connected to the network. I can directly connect to it and even view its camera feed in the properties tab of 3DPrinterOS, however 3DPrinterOS lists it as offline and I cannot print. Any assistance or insight would be appreciated. I have 3 other RPis connecting to 3DPrinterOS with no problems on the same network.


Deleted the printer, and unistalled and reinstalled local Cloud Client for U3 script and still no communication or recognition printer. Now that it is deleted from my printer list I can no longer access Printer Settings or view video feed of U3.

Hello. Try to restart printer at first. If it will not be online then try to reinstall client software. We had some internal problem and it was fixed about 20 minutes ago

Thank you, this currently appears to be working as anticipated