New Multi-Material 3D Printer Cybot 330 PRO

Meet Cybot 330 PRO Multi-Material 3D Printer, the machine that can print 95% type of filaments in the market with speed and large build volume. This printer will open up virtually unlimited opportunities for closely emulating the look, feel, and mechanical functions of end-used products as fine details as entry level SLS 3D Printer. (2).png
Many anticipated features of professional 3D printers also come standard such as Auto Leveling, Heated Bed, Dual Extrusions Upgrade, Touch Controller, All Metal Hotend, Wifi Connectivity, OctoPrint, 3D Scanning Module, Cloud Printing, Moisture-proof Filament Storage, and compatibility with External Toolhead or E3D Hotends.

Cybot 3D was found and envisioned by Cybot Automation Inc , Canada with vast experience in consulting automation technology and manufacturing digital fabrication tools for world-wide clients in Canada ,US, and Asia.

A nice design for a printer!

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