Modify printer dimensions?

I have a non-standard extruder on my printer which decreases the print dimensions on the X-axis. Is there any way to change the standard setting for a pre-defined printer?

This feature hasn’t been implemented yet. This will be added in the near future.

Any updates on changing dimensions?

It’s possible to save the ‘‘Expert’’ slicer profile with any “posx” and “posy” (table center coords).

Walkthrough added!

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Please forgive my noobness… I’m running a clone of the replicator dual and upon a job cancel the extruded heads to the front left corner and binds resulting in having to power down the printer… Are the values for posx and posy intended to be mm to center? And would setting this prevent the extruded from trying to go past the limit switches?

You’re doing everything right, no worries!
Homing is a bug that is identified, this will be fixed in our next client, which will be released next week.