Makerbot Replicator 2 glitching. BRICKED PRINTER!


I found 3DprinterOS about a month ago and was amazed by the project. I got it up and running on a Raspberry Pi 2 within minutes! Amazing!
I did 1 print, with subpar results. My hypothesis was I didn’t slice the model correctly. I changed my slicing and printed again, but the printer would not pull filament.

Instead it seemed like the filament feed servo was jittering, back and forth multiple times a second. I did some research and it seemed to fall under the category of failed servo. I thought it was a strange coincidence, but proceeded to order a new server ($50???). Along with the servo malfunction, when I rebooted the machine, the audible chime would not stop. A strange constant beep would come from the machine until powered off. Otherwise the menu was responsive, so I just turned off the sounds…

I just received the replacement servo, and like I feared, the server still jitters back and forth. I am scared that the 3DPrinterOS has bricked my Replicator 2 and would like to know if this issue has been seen before, and if there are any work arounds.

Thank you in advance.


Please add me on Skype ad rene.oscar.ariko, so we can get this sorted out.

Thank you Oscar for the quick reply, I won’t be able to talk until later today since I’ll be at a conference most of the day. I will add you now however.

Hey, we never experienced something like that, we do not change any usual behavior of printers and gcodes. Please send over the logs from Raspberry Pi by clicking Report a problem - red button. We will get the logs and analyze. If you have RPi image with remote assistance enabled - please ping me in skype: antonvedeshin and we together check the logs.

I have had this issue before, I forget how I fixed it.Will reply soon.

Hi Max, was it hardware, firmware or 3DPrinterOS related?

Hey Anton,
No, It was hardware related. The filament wheel was ground down from use. i just replaced it.

I have had the problem with the constant beep before. Also just had to replace my extruder cable, but I don’t think that was due to 3DprinterOS.

Sorry all for my delay, I’ve had little time to work with the printer.

I have captured a slow motion video of the servo malfunctioning, see it here.

I reset the firmware on the printer, rolled it back a version and then flashed the most recent with the replicatorg app. I don’t believe anymore that 3DprinterOS was the cause of the issue. If that were the case, then a firmware reset would have fixed any software issues caused, but all issues remain. Hardware seems to be the culprit. I thought of getting a new wire, but this seemed less likely given the speaker glitch. I have ordered a new Mightyboard online. I have not received it yet, but will post my results.

Hey, where did you order Mightyboard ? I need a few too, but reasonable price :slightly_smiling:

I got mine from Geeetech

I ordered last Monday, with express shipping. The item never shipped and I had to email their support. Once they found my order number it shipped right away. I should get it Thursday.

The price seems fair considering makerbot wants $325 for the same part.

As far as I know Makerbot 2, 2X has a Mightyboard with Atmega 2560 chip, the one you are getting is Atmega1280. I am curious will it work the same or nor?

Yeah I noticed differences in the board before I bought it, but didn’t realize the extent of the differences.

This new board looks much better. It has a cleaner design, and a built in micro SD card slot. Some of the cables seem like they would fit, but most I would have to cut the original wiring to install them on screw terminals.

I’m not sure if I want to find out if it works. If somebody at that company will get back to me and confirm it has been done before with success, I may try it (and order all new wires just in case). I’ll order new wires before I try, would surely be nice to replace the wiring harness to ensure that isn’t the problem.

This printer is owned by another organization and I can’t afford to try the install and have it not work. I will likely return this board :frowning: is there another retailer that sells the ATmega 2560?

The seller says I have a rev H board (Makerbot Replicator 2). He also said that the boards might be compatible but he has never tried it. They don’t sell the Rev H, and don’t offer refunds… Expensive mistake… Might as well build a new 3D printer with it eventually.

I’m ordering the extruder cable. I was messing with the printer and found that if I put pressure just right on the Nema connector the motor made full rotations. I’ll post my results.

I was able to fix my printer by cutting the cable that attaches to the extruder servo and re-soldering a new connector.

great! is all good? printing?