Makerbot 5th Camera

I noticed this in latest release notes:

“Add Makerbot 5th internal camera”

Is there documentation on configuration?

Hello. No, there is no documentation for this moment. Makerbot’s 5th internal camera will work if you have any camera mode enabled (HDcamera, Dual, Multi, PI camera) besides “Disable camera” mode. There is no picture difference when you select any camera mode for internal Makerbot 5th camera, it always work the same.

I have several 5th+'s connected via Ethernet and I have the mode as Multi. There is no camera signal. Are there drivers on the client I need to confirm. Is there a way to confirm, per installation guide: “- Opencv and numpy (optional, for web camera support)” are installed correctly on my server?

Thank you.

Please click a “Report problem” button from 3dprinteros client web interface ( in browser)

Poblem reported!
Do you know there are any ports I should confirm in case my firewall is blocking this?

No special port. Http (80) port is used for getting camera images.

We don’t have your report. Could you install TeamViewer ( for remote assistance to try to find a problem?

If you will be able to provide TeamViewer access you can send credentials to my email:

The client crashed after submitting the report. After relaunch (thanks you for Network Printer retention!) I received the following error why trying to submit again:

Reporting problem failed!
{“success”:false,“message”:"We were unable to decode the JSON response from the Mandrill API: \r\n

Is this something I could manually post for you?

Yes, I have logs now. It is not working to get camera images in usual way. I need to make additional testing, so team viewer will be great. Do you have the latest firmware on printer?

I believe so. No updates are available through MakerBots interface and currently running Firmware

I’ve migrated these printers to a RPi server with similar lack of video connectivity. Can we reevaluate this again?

Hello. Makerbot Replicator + has some other logic of camera image send then Replicator. We already made some fixes to our client and it will be fixed in next client release

Having the same problem. Bump.

Hello, what problem do you have?

M. Kozlov,

The one MakerBot 5th gen we have is very spotty in connection. This translates to the camera not working and generally the MakerBot being in error mode in the web client

Hello, Did you do printer pairing (As I know you need to press some button on printer to allow access to the API from 3DPrinterOS Client; It is possible that you will need to retry some times to make it work)? If, yes, then could you report problem from 3DPrinterOS Client’s web interface?

How are you doing? Any success?