Makerbot 1 showing up as Duplicator?

A user just pointed this issue out to us! We are working on resolving.

In the meantime, you can use the Duplicator slicing settings to send prints to your Markerbot.

Confirmed my Replicator 2x clone is reading as a D4 single head.
Also cannot get 2nd head to work on any profile.


Hey Justin,

The option to switch between heads is not yet live. We will be sending out updates as these features are completed. For your Replicator 2x clone, it would depend on who the original manufacturer is and if it has been modified at all? If your available you can contact me via Skype at learn3dnyc or you can email me directly at Hopefully we can get to the bottom of these issues!


Contacted directly. We have a few clones. FlashForge, CTC, no label etc. Same electronics. Same firmware etc.

Happy to wait just wasn’t sure if I was missing a step on the dual head. We RARELY use both heads but often will switch to one or the other if one is jammed. Acts like a back up head. In that manor… 3 of our printers are on “backup” and therefore either need to be fixed or will have to wait until left head is enabled. Not a huge deal just looking forward to it, and why.