Makerbase support

Good night everyone
i’m trying to use the 3DPrinterOS on my MKS MAKERBASE V1.3, but i can’t find it when uploading to the cloud, and when send something to print,nothing happens. I’m using raspberry pi 3 connected to the board via USB cable, There are any support for this printer?

Hello. We don’t have MKS MAKERBASE V1.3 printer integrated for this moment. If you would like to help us to integrate that printer please fill in integration form: (vid:pid field is required too).

If printer is Marlin like then it will be easy to integrate it. But in any case, was you able to connect printer using 3DPrinterOS Client? For marlin like printers you can select any from list and it must work. Most of Marlin like printers is different only in table sizes.

I think that it is marlin, but I’m not sure, when i connect with your software it recognize my printer as a ZMorph, and I can’t change it, are there a way of changing it?
I’ve already fulfilled this form.