Maker Select V2 will not connect and shows as offline

These are the two screens I see when I’m trying to start anything. I’m using a free version of 3DPrinterOS installed on my Raspberry Pi 3 with the custom image thingy. I can ssh into the Pi and do anything I would need to there, so the Pi seems to be working. My printer is actually a Monoprice Maker Select V2, but it’s a Duplicator i3 clone, so I put it as that. It’s plugged in with a mini USB cable that has worked in the past with OctoPrint, but I want to see 3DPrinterOS work.

Thanks in advance for any help, and let me know if there’s more information I can provide.

Hey, please click the button Report Problem in the cloud client web ui, left side of the screen.
Did you fill in 3D printer integration form? as I see you have Wanhao Duplicator printer type, and just name of the printer Maker Select V2. Here is the form: