Makeit Pro and 3DprinterOS

The next printer for me to plug in will be my Makeit pro from Makeit3D. It’s a bit of an obscure printer, but from what I’ve been reading, the OS will identify it as an unidentified printer. As long as I’m creating gcode from Simplify, will I be able to send the info via 3D printerOS, even if it’s not yet an officially supported printer?

And of course, will the pi3 have enough horsepower to stream to all three printers? I believe I had read somewhere that someone checked on a pi2 and two printers were only using about 20% of the system resources.

If your printer is not shown on the list and you are looking to get the the printer integrated, we would ask that you fill out this form here:

You’ll have to test the RPI3 as well, but actually the camera takes the most resources, so it should work.