Joystick App lag

I use the joystick app a lot with my Felix and Printrbots. I mainly use it for:

  • Preheating the extruder
  • Extruding/Retracting Filament
  • Homing

The 3dprinteros client for each printer is running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

However it often takes 30seconds to a minute for the joystick command to result in the desired action on the printer. I’m often not really sure if I have successfully clicked the button, so I click again. And then the command eventually runs twice on the printer.

I checked the /root/.3dprinteros/3dprinteros_client.log on the raspberry pi, and it seems like it reacts to the request as soon as it is received. (Although I can’t be sure if I am reading it properly.) But I’m not really sure where the lag is (Web client -> -> 3dprinteros client on raspberry pi? 3d printeros client on raspberry pi -> 3d printer?).

It would be great if this lag could be fixed, because the middle school kids who run the printer only have short breaks during which they can start print jobs. If it takes 30 seconds for each command, it could take them a few minutes just to change filament. When I’d like it if they could spend the time making sure that the print started okay.

If lags are part of the nature of the system though, it would be nice to have some feedback to know if the command was at least received by the server.

As a side thought, it seems like most of the interactions with don’t require such tight integration with the 3dprinteros client. It might be too much to ask, but would it make sense to embed the joystick and gcode apps into the client?

Hey dimsumgirl, I will look into this, It sounds like a bug.

I just switched from Octoprint and am also surprised by how laggy the interface is. The entire site is slow (5-15 seconds between pages) but the joystick app is totally unusable.

Why is there so much lag? Is it the web interface? Is it the Pi client? Something else? Our internet is fast and Octoprint doesn’t have these issues.

Hello dear 3DPrinterOS users!

Thank you for the feedback.
We just migrated from Amazon cloud to Microsoft Azure, so lagging may occur.
This is something we’re working on and hoping to fix as soon as possible.
If there anything else we can help you, let us know!

Best regards,

The Joystick app seems much more responsive today (Wednesday 2/10). Did you fix the lag?

Yes Heather, we are adding and continue to add improvements to our system. Thank you for noticing!