Job Show's In Progress

Job Finished successfully however still shows as “In Progress”. What is the solution to correct?

[17:04 13.09.2019] Job added to printing queue by user:
[17:04 13.09.2019] Job with ID: 998753 was added to printing queue of printer ID: 61092
[17:04 13.09.2019] Starting job on “Replicator + Queue #1” - “MB5thReplicatorPLUS” with design “ValeriaBustFinal_3285888_stlmagicfix_3285892_3285898.makerbot”
[17:15 13.09.2019] Printing progress: 100%
[17:15 13.09.2019] Object printed successfully in 00:00:00

I have also been experiencing this problem recently. Is there any more information regarding this?

Hello. We have released today some updates directed to fix that problem. Please let us know if problem will repeat, or you will have some other unpredictable behavior.

Thank you for your assistance. We will test.