Issues with supports

I have a model that a student was attempting to print, but the supports are not coming out correctly. See Attached picture. In some places, the supports do not reach to the edge of the model (blue circles) and in others there are no supports at all where there need to be some (red circles).

The model was loaded into 3D printer OS as an OBJ and converted into and STL with magic fix. I am not sure if this has anything to do with it or not. Any suggestions?

Hello tuckerkm, What kind of supports are you using? toutch.b plate or full supports? The Touch.b plate only adds suports to the ares that it thinks that the printer will have trouble.

Hey Kevin!
If you get a chance, share the model with me direct ( and will take a deeper look at it. If you can also share me the base OBJ that would be great as well. It’s possible something is occurring in the conversion between OBJ to STL so will take a look.


This was set up using supports everywhere. Do you want me to share the gcode or the STL file? I will have to contact the student to get him to send me the OBJ file.

Edit: It does not let me share the STL file that he shared to me.

Okay, We will look into this issue, If this is a urgent print, You could try slicing it externaly with slic3r or cura and uploading the gcode to print.

I have received the OBJ file from the student and shared it with you. I have have a question about the support type option in the expert tab. Right now it says “lines,” does 3Dpritneros support any other options?

Hey Keven. I believe that the support structure is configured almost like how the infil on a print is configured. We have optimized the supports to be very easy to pull off, while being the most effective on the print, So I do not recomend that you change it.
I forgot to list my email on my previous post, So if you could please send it to ( and I will be sure to check it out for you.

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ok, I will share both the gcode and OBJ file with you as well.

More support issues. I did some testing with the built in viking duck file. As you can see in the picture below, some of the supports do not reach high enough (blue circle) and some are not even touching at the bottom (red circle). Sliced at .3mm with supports everywhere.

Edit: loaded the model in Cura and have the exact same problem.
Edit2: I do not have the same issue with slic3r, new pic added.

Okay, There is a bug here. I will forward this post to the developers. Thanks!

I am seeing the bug here too. I did some testing on my own.

Not to go off on too much of a tangent, but why are we seeing different speeds on the different layers? Should I start a new thread about it?

Continued issue with supports. You can see in the picture below that supports were on generated underneath the right hand portion of the project.

Hey guys, any news about this? Thanks!

Hey Julian, I think its fixed now.