Issue slicing models from layout

I’ve noticed recently that if I go to slice a model I’ve made with the layout function (adding multiple models to create a multi-model print), when I go to slice it with Cloud Slicer (the default “Slice” button in the UI), the gcode comes out as more or less just a startup/shutdown sequence with no actual layers. Everything seems to confirm this – the print time is always listed as 5 minutes, the toolpath viewer hangs trying to visualize the model, and the prints all “succeed” while doing nothing.

It doesn’t seem to be dependent on how complicated the models I use are, or how many, as long as I layout multiple pieces I get unusable gcode.

My printers are Lulzbots, if that matters at all.

Has this been seen before? I’m fully happy to believe I’m doing something very wrong, but whatever it is, I can’t figure it out.

What are the File ID’s for those files?

3526578 is a good example of one which fails for most everything (cloud slicer & slicer 3)
3531471 won’t slice with cloud slicer, but I got a sliced model out of slicer3.

3526578 is the failed gcode for the first file

Any ideas? Any other information I can give to help out?

Hello. I can see that STL file has no extension “Two Roller Sides”. Please try to EDIT STL’s filename and add extension (“Two Roller Sides.stl”). There is some problem occurs when filename have no extension. We will look at that bug.

P.S. After you will add an extension to STL file new slices must work fine.

Oh, cool, I didn’t know it still looked at the extension in the UI any more after the file was uploaded. That’s an easy fix, thanks.