How to download, install and connect your 3D Printer to the cloud via Raspberry Pi

I’m assuming this guide is for ethernet only? I have my pi on my home wifi thanks to Adafruits Pi Finder, I can ssh to it and ping but it doesn’t seem to be talking to my dashboard. I do have it plugged into the printer. I have a monitor connected to the Pi too just to see what is going on.

Hey Luis,

We’ve had quite a few questions about this and we will be posting a walk-through and instructions in the next few days.


Hi there, Any news on the walk-through for getting the Pi connected with Wifi?

Hey Guys!

I apologize for the delay on the Raspberry Pi and Wifi walkthrough! We are changing the way Wifi will work with our Pi images because our current method is overly complicated. You will be able to scan and switch between networks with the new protocol so we hope this makes it much easier to set up moving forward. We expect to release this shortly and will continue to give updates as they come.

Thanks for your patience and please reach out to me personally via or skype at learn3dnyc!

Happy Printing,


I wish that we could put makerware on a pi. Wireless too

Hey Everyone,

Our beta for Wifi via Raspberry Pi is here! You can check out the walkthrough by clicking the link below.

Please note that his is a beta version and your feedback is essential for making this even better. Give it a try and let us know what you think!?

Happy Printing!

Wifi doesn’t work. My Ralink RPi 2B bundled Wifi Dongle recognized as wlan0, and 3dprinteros tries to up wlan1 interface instead.

This is odd, the WiFi should work, because wlan0 is active.
Wlan1 needs to create an Access Point.

Were you able to get this Pi online with wifi? Let us know otherwise we can dive deeper into the issue and try to resolve it!

You can also ping me direct on skype username: amr05008

Hi, Aaron!
No, the only way i found it works is installing a package in Debian. But the package is older than Pi image version, so it doesn’t connect to cloud and can’t save Printer.

My skype: alexnovik. I can work this thing with you only in the night between 21:00-02:00 GMT+3 and weekend almost all day.

WiFi still does not seem to work with new versions (did with the old wifi beta, that seems to be discontinued now).
Ralink wifi stick and all I see from network/interfaces is lo and wlan1. after adding wlan0 all I see is: “DHCPDISCOVER on wlan0 to port 67 interval 8”

any ideas?

What WiFi dongle do you use?
Actually, we use the old beta wifi image on the RPI, so this is strange.

Hello, rellermaa.
Please, try to update to new version of program. We have fixed this problem.

If it still doesn’t work, write which dongle are you using and we will test.

For any issues with WiFi and Raspberry Pi, please check out this troubleshooting infographic as well:

Many of the common issues (and their solutions) can be found there.

Hello everyone, this guide has been updated today to include a walkthrough for Wifi and any recent updates we’ve made to our system. Let us know if you have any issues!

Hi, I’ve flashed the raspberry pi image to my raspberry pi and restarted. A terminal like window comes up and executes lots of commands. But then it comes to a prompt that seems to want me to log into 3DPrinterOS. The only login I have for 3dPrinterOS is the SSO through google login on the website and that does not work for this. Any idea what credentials I should use?

This is a text prompt, not the graphical user interface.
it says: 3DPrinterOS-e45f01674457 Login:

The password in the first ‘’Welcome Email’’ from 3DPrinterOS, when you registered the account.