How does the "Printing Locally" feature work?

Yesterday I had 2 separate occasions where I canceled a print, but the printer went rogue and restarted the print. When the print restarted, the printer status said “Printing Locally”. I was able to stop the print by using the Reset Printer button in the joystick app. But I’m not sure why it did that.

What is the printing locally feature for? Is there a way to do that intentionally? Is there a way to prevent it from happening?

Our apologies for the delaying the answer for so long.
We can’t say much due to not knowing the printer type and not having the logs. Next time report the problem via our client.
We show the printing locally state when the printer sends the printing state and there is no running jobs for that printer (i.e locally printing from SD card)
It can also be a reason for print cancelling ( When you press cancel, we mark the printing job as canceled in cloud but the printer can’t always stop it).

Okay, it has only happened 1x since my original report. If it happens again, I will report the problem through the client. Thanks.

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