How do I assign a print head to a job for a Dual print head device?

There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to assign a print head (left or right) to a particular slicing job. I understand there isn’t specific support for all dual head printers but there are many dual head printers in the list yet in none of the profiles does there seem to be a way to select the print head.

  • Online job rendering
  • 3DPrinterOS client software 5.9.10b202 running on Ubuntu Linux
  • selected printer: MakerBot Dual
  • actual printer: FlashForge Creator Pro

This is in our roadmap, so far there are several workarounds

  1. Manually edit the produced gcode, and change T0 to T1 (soon we will release an online gcode editor)
  2. Slice locally, for example in Cura / Simplify3D then upload the file and print

Fair enough. We are probably going with Simplify3D anyway. The ease and precision we have been getting measured against our own test suite has been very successful. We will continue to test scheduling over the summer while demand is considerably less.

It is possible to add the dual extrusion to the Rostock Max V3? Now supports it!