How can I activate an account if I used 'sign in with google"?

Hello, I created my account by using the “Sign in with Google” feature, now I can’t sign into the client. It always says “wrong password” and when I try to change the password it says it can’t do that with an non-activated account. I see no option to send the activation email. And I can’t sign up because my email is already registered.

Not sure what to do from here.

Hey, you should have received the email with password. Please check spam folder. Otherwise please provide your login, we will activate it and double check why this did not happen. Thanks!

Thank you so much. You were right it was in Spam. Didn’t even think of looking there because all of the other emails came through just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not activated account error is shown also when there is no such email in the system. Most probably you use lower or upper case characters while retrieving the password. Try to restore using all lowercase letters in your email, then try first letter uppercase or all uppercase. If you tell me your account name I will be able to help. Please ping me in skype: antonvedeshin

Yes, to restore you password you must enter your email in lowercase at password restore form. Otherwise there will be error “You can’t restore password for not activated account. Please register again or activate your account.”.

We will add converting of entered email to lowercase to prevent problems with different letters case in email on next week.

How do i get a new password? the password in the email is not working. doesn’t seem to mater what i try it always says login incorrect.

hey, were you able to login? please ping me in skype, my SkypeID: antonvedeshin