HELP! Having problems with creality ender 5

I need help, my prints are coming out very choppy. I am new at 3d printing and I do not know what to do. I know it can do better, I have seen vids of others using it.

Need to better describe “choppy” Recheck yr bed clearance with sheet of paper under nozzle,I run PLA at 215 degrees and bed at 50 degrees. try setting up a simple print on the Crealty Slicer program,and write down the settings on the left,ie speed,depth of each line,retraction,etc,then save to a decent microsd card and put in printer,select refresh and print and see what happens.The first line it prints will tell you if its smooth ,about a 1.5 mm wide…see what happens

That is the wierd thing whenever I use the creality slicer it changes nothing.

Ok so it is wierd because I use the creality and it scales the print down and prints it in the top right corner, and has done this with some other slicers. Then I do the 3D Printer OS slicer and it works perfecly fine. I am very confused.