General issues and bugs with 3D Printer OS

I currently have 4 printers, all with individual raspberry pi 3’s to connect them to my network

Constantly, the printers are going into a state of ‘reconnecting’ or ‘disconnected’ where they only flicker periodically as ‘Online’.

They worked fine initially for probably a week, but since i have been using the software a lot it is almost non stop problems. Not only do they keep constantly changing status, but i have to also reset every printer after a print in order for them to print again.

As well, if before i reset the printer there were any prints waiting to queue then the printer will not work through your program at all, until i cancel all prints in queue and then reset it again.

The program has also been getting hung up at the end of prints recently. A print will finish, the website will say 100% but it well never switch to the print being finished.

I had emailed 3D Printer OS about the problem but I was instructed to press the ‘report a problem’ button which seems to be non existent, and I was not receiving any usable information as far as to how to actually find it.

If anyone has any information please let me know! Thanks for the help,

Hey Parker,
I am sorry to hear about your issues, Our team would love to hear about what you have to say, and how we can improve.

Currently, the forum is the best place for users to share their suggestions and issues, This is mainly for speed and also so we can have records for other users to find if they have an issue.

Can you elaborate on what kind of printer you have? Have you updated the images on the Pi’s to the latest version?


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