Error code 303 on MakerBot Replicator 2

I’m using a RPi 3 with the latest stable build. When I try to print to my Replicator 2, I get the following results:

[15:42 15.07.2016] Job added to printing queue by user:
[15:42 15.07.2016] Job with ID: 94248 was added to printing queue of printer ID: 36704
[15:42 15.07.2016] Starting job on “Lower Left (Zuckuss)” - “R2” with design “Arianna_emily_jordan-Blk.gcode”
[15:42 15.07.2016] Printer status changed: from idle to downloading
[15:42 15.07.2016] 3DPrinterOS Streaming started
[15:42 15.07.2016] Software version: 5.9.12development
[15:42 15.07.2016] Printing now…
[15:43 15.07.2016] Printer error: 303 : Makerbot can’t continue because of: UnrecognizedCommand: 90
Command: G90
LineNumber: 1
[15:43 15.07.2016] Printer status changed: from downloading to heating
[15:43 15.07.2016] This printing job failed due to errors above.
Please try printing agan (depending on the error please power cycle the printer, 3DPrinterOS software and check that USB cable is <1.5m length and has screening and filters), if still does not work please contact 3DPrinterOS support team.

I’m currently hooked directly to the RPi 3 from my Rep 2 with a USB cable that is about 0.5m in length.

Any thoughts on what’s going on and how to fix? I have six MakerBot Replicator 2’s that I would very much like to use with 3DPrinterOS.

Thank you

Hey, please click the button report problem in cloud client UI, so we can get logs and ping me in skype: antonvedeshin

A note on this: .gcode files sliced in MakerBot Desktop don’t have this issue, but many times gcode files sliced in Simplify3D DO have this issue.