Do you want your 3D printer to be integrated faster? Look what these guys did!

Several days ago I was reviewing 3d printer integration requests, and mentioned more than 20 requests for CraftBot 3D printer. I thought cool, people really need to get this integrated, now, a few days later it is in the 3DPrinterOS.

What did CraftBot guys? They created a thread on their maker community forum with a link to 3DPrinterOS printer integration request form and asked people to fill it in. This is a super-cool idea, as we instantly seen a demand to this integration and integrated asap. Thank you guys, this is a great community job!

Reader, you can do the same with your 3D printer make/model if it is not yet integrated into 3DPrinterOS. Feel free to post this link in your 3D printer community and we will integrate it faster!

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