Cura slicer (slicer 2) missing features

Clound slicer offers almost no options to optimize my gcode, so I would like to use Slicer 2, but there’s some issues with it.

  1. I could not find where I can adjust the infill density.
  2. How I save my slicing profiles? It’s really annoying to re-insert all the info for all the parts I want to print.

Another note is that you can copy/paste your JSON code so you can use it later on.

Infill overlap affects the overlap between infill and shell. I would like to make for instance solid parts with 100% infill and this option seems to be missing.
Copy/paste json seems to work well (Y).

My apologies, this is the correct way:

This way you can much precisely select the infill settings. If you are printing a mechanical part with precise properties, you would rather know what is the real density of the internal structure versus %, which tells nothing about real parameters you have inside.

Thanks, that seems to do the job!
Although I saw that type of infill setting first time but afterwards it seems kind on logical.