Coming soon: Users can create new 3D printer types in 3DPrinterOS public cloud

No more waiting for 3D printer integration and complex 3D printer integration forms*.

We are working on the solution to make the possibility for the end users to add new 3D printer types to the 3DPritnerOS public cloud. When the feature will be released, user who would like to add Marlin based 3D printers - will be able to create the profile themselves. After a quarantine period of 3 months stable profiles will be merged to the common list of profiles to be accessible to all the users.

    • if the printer you would like to add runs marlin firmware

Please let us know in the comments below which printer profiles would you add? Thanks!

Makeit3D Pro M (though it works ok with “generic marlin”
BCN3D Sigma r17 (not sure why it’s different, but when I connect it to the cloud, it just reboots constantly)

Why not allow customization of the generic repetier, delta, and marlin profiles to start. I have a feeling most of is fall into those brackets.

You would need to allow users to setup:
Custom X, Y, and Z limits, max temperatures, number of nozzles, cooling fan enabled, heated bed, extruder offset, home coordinates, and filament diameter. Those are the big ones, the rest of the important stuff seems to come from the generic profile and match up automatically already.

Eventually you could add editable start and end gcodes, z offset, and events like pause at height and tweak at height (adjust fan / temperature / insert gcode options).

Your announcement of this update brought me back to 3dprinteros. I really hope this works out.

When is this going to be ready. I have no need to use the online slicer or other tools. I just need to be able to set custom x, y and z. All of the printers we run are of the same build volume but we do RND on new designs and replace all of our current machines when the new models are ready and the old have reached EOL. Basically if we had an option to use 3dprinteros as a file storage, distribution and print management to our printers this would be ideal. Cut out all the extra unnecessary stuff. We do all of our own slicing and prep work in house.